Student Volunteering Week: My experience with Denis Law Legacy Trust


To celebrate Student Volunteering Week 2204, RGU student and Denis Law Legacy Trust volunteer Isabella shares how her experience with the charity helped her with applying to university, her mental health, and gave her a strong support network.

Find out more about her journey in this blog, and see the benefits volunteering can have for you!

My time with Denis Law Legacy Trust

I have been a volunteer at Denis Law Legacy Trust for over four years, having started when I was just 15. After knowing others who worked or volunteered for the charity, as well as being a participant in their Streetsport sessions, it was an easy decision to start getting involved – especially since I could use it for the volunteering section of my silver Duke of Edinburgh Award at the time.

I started to volunteer at the same sessions I had enjoyed for years in Northfield, but I also joined a session on the Cruyff Court on Catherine Street, and was able to put myself out there and find out just how much it meant to be able to help others and be someone that people could entrust.

I have always enjoyed my time with the children’s charity and I am so grateful for the opportunities they have brought me. Over the years, I have joined and been involved in many areas, such as their Volunteer Vision Group and became one of the founding members of their young people’s committee, Granite City Speaks. With this, we help by giving a voice to the young people of Aberdeen and have an input on decisions in the city.

When I was applying to study Forensics and Analytical Sciences at RGU two years ago, I had such a rally of support from the team which I was extremely grateful for as it was a stressful experience for me. This is one of the reasons why it was so easy for me to continue my journey with them from school into university knowing I had a massive group of people who were there for me at such a nervous time. Now in the second year of my degree, I’m so happy I’ve continued to volunteer with the charity.

The benefits of volunteering

When you take up a volunteer position with either a charity or company as a student, it can do so many things for you – whether that is mentally, physically or professionally. Not only does being a volunteer look great on a CV, but it can also help by giving you work experience that you can look back on and refer to if you end up looking for a profession in the same line of work, helping your chance of employment.

It can also help you professionally by giving you opportunities you may not find anywhere else such as letting you plan an activity, or even writing an article for the paper. It can keep your body physically well too by giving you a challenge, whether that is by having to work through potential problems that arise, or by simply exercising through a sport-based activity or even lifting heavy objects in a charity shop.

One big thing that people may not realise about volunteering is how much of a massive positive impact it can have on your mental health. Many people struggle with this and that can be for so many reasons. In my experience, volunteering has helped me by increasing my confidence and giving me the opportunity to meet so many friends who would listen to my feelings and help me with things I may have been stressing over, making me laugh in the process, whilst also giving me a role of responsibility that I could take pride in.

Everyone is faced with challenges every day, especially as a student with things such as deadlines and exams to worry about. However, I find that attending a Streetsport session or other Denis Law Legacy Trust activities really allows me to take my mind off stressful topics. It’s helped to keep me calm and stopped myself overthinking. Having the amazing support system from everyone working at the charity makes this so much easier too.

I have found that the act of volunteering is something that simply cannot be compared to anything else. When helping others, it not only helps to make friends and grow social networks, but it also helps you feel like you are making a difference to others – whether you realise it or not at the time.

Final thoughts on my time volunteering with Denis Law

For many reasons, Denis Law Legacy Trust will always be such a big part of my life. The people have always been there for me when I needed them and given me so much support during my time. If there’s something that I can say for certain, it’s that they will not be losing me any time soon and I cannot wait to see where volunteering takes me next!

Volunteering is definitely something that everyone should have the opportunity of experiencing and luckily, it’s available in many different forms that can appeal to anyone.

One piece of advice to take from my volunteering story? Start volunteering in something you are passionate about – it is amazing how much helping others can change your life.

Isabella Webster

This was blog was taken from an article published in the Press and Journal. You can view the original online.

Volunteering at and outside RGU can earn you credits for our Beyond the Classroom pathways as part of the RGUplus programme. This will help you get recognition for going above and beyond and transform your skills and experience into uniquely employable attributes as a graduate.

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