Obtaining my PMI scholarship at RGU: A tale of passion, purpose and persistence


Master’s student Gideon shares his journey at RGU which led him to obtain the Project Management Institute scholarship for his work in Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. Hear about his university highlights and how he thinks the scholarship will help him in his career in this blog.

Why I chose MSc Project Management at RGU

Since the beginning of my professional career, I have been passionate about seeing ideas through to completion while deftly managing the numerous tasks and stakeholders that each project requires. This motivation brought me to Robert Gordon University (RGU).

I saw RGU as an attractive destination, not only for its extensive curriculum grounded in recognised frameworks from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and Association for Project Management (APM), but also for its serene surroundings and a lively, encouraging academic community.

The allure of Aberdeen‘s tranquillity combined with RGU’s employability record was an irresistible mix. But above all, what pulled me in was the promise of becoming a part of a community that genuinely encourages professional growth.

Course highlights: standing out amongst the best

Although I had a number of highlights, including the chance to lead groups and win in-class competitions, many presentations during tutorial sessions, and opportunities to lead presentations, two important accomplishments top the list.

The APM Scotland Project Management Challenge I volunteered for was one of the turning points in my academic career. Together with two other excellent classmates, we worked hard and were the only student team to receive an award for reaching the finals in Scotland. This was not just an academic exercise; it was also a demonstration of the perseverance, commitment, and expertise of the RGU Project Management lecturers.

Another unforgettable experience was the opportunity to present my Pecha Kucha submission, titled “Quality Management through Process Innovation” to the Northeast Chapter of the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI). The presentation, which focused on the importance of continuous improvement as a catalyst for sustainable business success, became an exemplar and received notable commendations from the leadership of the chapter.

The PMI DE&I Scholarship: an honour and responsibility

When PMI recognised my contributions towards promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion (DE&I) through a rigorous on-campus and online awareness campaign, it was not just a personal win but a validation of the principles I hold dear.

This scholarship has significantly reinvigorated my commitment to the Aberdeen community. With this support and acknowledgement from PMI, I am more determined than ever to amplify my contributions, make a meaningful difference, and deliver even greater progress for the Neurodivergent and Disability Employee Resource Group.

This scholarship is more than just financial aid, it’s a responsibility, an endorsement, a challenge and a potent motivator for me. My goal is to delve deeper into my studies, continue advocating for DE&I for the Neurodivergent and Disability Employee Resource Group, and further hone my skills to lead projects that champion these values.

The PMI DE&I scholarship has not only eased the financial aspect of my studies but has also opened doors to a network of professionals committed to diversity, equality and inclusion. The network and the recognition attached to the scholarship will propel me into roles where I can effect real change and continue the work I started at RGU.

Tips for future students

My first advice to future students would be for them to embrace every opportunity. Whether it’s a class presentation or an external competition, give it your all. You never know which experience will shape your future.

Secondly, I will recommend networking. It is very crucial to engage with lecturers, alumni, and professionals in your field. This has been one of the major ways I have been able to gather deep academic insights and invaluable support.

Thirdly, I would say stay true to your values. My DE&I campaign was born out of personal conviction. I committed time and personal resources to the project out of genuine passion for diversity, equality and inclusion without any expectation. Today, I am reaping great value from that commitment. In summary, never underestimate the power of genuine passion.

Lastly, I encourage future students to seek balance. While academic excellence is essential, remember to take in the beauty of your surroundings, especially in a place as serene as Aberdeen. Work hard but find time to relax.

Heartfelt thank you to my pillars of support

I cannot recount my journey so far at RGU without expressing profound gratitude to my lecturers. Their unwavering commitment to my growth, their invaluable feedback, and their unyielding faith in my abilities have been instrumental in my academic journey. Their guidance transcended beyond lectures, moulding not just my academic acumen but also my professional character.

To the entire management team at RGU, I offer my heartfelt thanks for nurturing such an empowering citadel of knowledge. The environment you have created, the standards you uphold, and the opportunities you provide have shaped countless futures, including my own.

My journey at RGU has been more than just an academic pursuit. It’s been a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and commitment to values that matter. With gratitude in my heart and the PMI DE&I scholarship in tow, I am eager to see where this journey leads next.

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