My experience with careers support at RGU


Cyber Security student Jared shares the wide range of careers support available at RGU and his experience reaching out for help to develop professionally.

A bit about me

My name is Jared and I’ve studied at RGU for nearly 5 years now. I’d always planned to study at university after I left school, but it wasn’t until 6th year that I had a better idea of what that would actually be.

Having taken computing science up to advanced higher, a degree in this field seemed like the natural progression, until I saw RGU’s undergraduate Cyber Security course. Undertaking this 4-year course really developed not only my technical skills but also my business skills.

During my final year, I felt that I wasn’t quite ready to finish higher education and that I wanted to try something new to expand my abilities before going into a career. So, I decided that the MSc Data Science course at RGU would be the perfect way to broaden my skillset and try something new that really interested me.

I’ve absolutely loved it and feel that alongside the additional technical skills, it has given me the chance to develop and refine my interpersonal skills which is what businesses are really after.

Support from teaching staff at RGU

In summary, the support at RGU is outstanding. There really isn’t another way to describe it. Not only is it highly accessible, but the staff are caring, compassionate and excel at giving tailored advice for each student.

Teaching staff do their absolute best to make classes engaging and always make time to help with queries. The informal, relaxed style of engagement between staff and students makes reaching out for help feel natural, but there are dedicated support sessions available if that’s your preferred style.

Support ranges from help with course content, assessments, extra-curricular activities, employability, and personal circumstances. There isn’t a problem that staff aren’t willing to do their best to help you with.

RGU’s approach and attitude towards student wellbeing is exemplary and this not only makes your time here more enjoyable, but really reflects on your performance with your course.

Student feedback is a key element for staff here who continually improve the learning experience. They are always gathering feedback to not only make changes to improve your experience, but also for the next set of students. The support network here at RGU really encourages you to make the most out of your course and continues when you become an alumn.

Careers and employability support

It is clear how much time and effort RGU puts into preparing students for the world of work beyond education. A dedicated team of employability specialists are on hand at any time (whether you’re in your first year or about to graduate) to give you the support you need to plan and prepare your next career steps.

There are careers sessions built into your timetable and tailored to fit your degree area. I found these sessions incredibly useful to be able to structure my career preparation around my studies and was a brilliant opportunity to ask any specific questions that may have been hard to get an answer for elsewhere.

These sessions also introduce you to the online employability platform eHub that RGU provides to students and graduates. This platform contains so many useful tools from CV writing and checking to assessment centre preparation. Its value cannot be overstated.

The careers team do an excellent job of planning careers events and bringing in guests who have invaluable advice from their career journey to share with students.

But some of the most effective support on offer from the careers team is their one-to-one sessions. They are incredibly supportive in these sessions and give you tailored, specific and ongoing advice. They will guide you to really sell yourself and identify your achievements and abilities in a way that highlights you to potential employers. They will support you through all stages of your planning, preparation, and applications so that you have the very best chance of securing a role that will kickstart your career.

The careers team and my professional development

Simply put, without the support of the careers team through the class sessions, online tools and most importantly, the one-to-one sessions, preparing for a career alongside my studies would have been an uphill battle that would’ve exhausted me.

I can’t stress enough how valuable engaging with these sessions and opportunities is and how much easier it has made my progress further down the line. Having another set of eyes (especially from someone experienced with current trends in employability) to point out the strengths and areas to improve on in your career preparation not only makes it significantly easier but also less stressful. And anything that makes my time at university less stressful is a win in my books!

My advice to students seeking support

The best advice I can give is to engage with the sessions being run and take up the opportunities to meet with staff for any support needed. This is particularly true for all things employability as it really pays to be organised and get your foot in the door
as early as possible so you can start applying to jobs as they are advertised.

You really never know what opportunities will be advertised and when, so
ensuring you are prepared at any point is essential. Whether you haven’t
started and have no idea where to begin, or you have experience in the
workplace and feel confident with your employability skills, I’d highly
recommend you review your progress with one of the staff.

Overall, you can only get back as much as you put in so absolutely grab every opportunity and you never know what you’ll get out of it or where it will lead.

Jared Scott

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