Five reasons to study Data Science at RGU


We’re excited to announce two new degrees for 2024, BSc (Hons) Data Science with Artificial Science and BSc (Hons) Data Science with Business Management.

The degrees are centred around three aspects of data science:

  • The storage and management of data.
  • Drawing insights from this data, including through the use of machine learning.
  • Presenting these insights to an end user in a way they can understand.

You will be introduced to all three topics in year one, and you will then spend the following years studying real world problems and exploring more sophisticated techniques to address these problems.

We’ve been chatting to Course Development Leader, Mark Bartlett to understand the new degrees a little more and here are five things you should know about these exciting new degrees.

You will develop strong industry-relevant skills

We are committed to ensuring that when you graduate, you’re ready for whatever path you take into the future. That is why we have a strong emphasis on practical, hands-on learning that is valued by employers. We focus on building actual working software and developing solutions to real world problems. This can also be seen in our assessments with many consisting of designing and building software solutions rather than traditional exams or essays.

As well as the technical skills, we have a strong emphasis on soft skills. Working in data science is an interdisciplinary area and there is a focus on developing the soft skills needed to work effectively in this type of environment. You will be exposed to team work where you will gain experience with working with others.

You’ll be taught by experts

Our academics are leaders in their own field and bring a wealth of experience and practical advice. Many are active researchers in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence which means they are up-to-date with the latest developments in the field and will ensure course content is relevant with real cutting edge knowledge.

Also, several of our demonstrators (class assistants) are PhD students in data science related fields, so this will provide you with real practical hands-on experience of the tools and techniques used in industry.

A learning environment for you

We’ve invested £120 million into the development of state-of-the-art buildings, facilities and workspaces to inspire innovation and help you prepare for your career.

You’ll have access to nine laboratories which house around 300 computers, equipped with the latest versions of open source and commercial software for the exclusive use of computing students. There is 100% wireless coverage that allows access to the University network for all students.

Software used on the course is open source or covered under an education license, which will allow you to continue your work at home using the same set up as available in the labs.

A choice of courses

There are two different courses to choose from, BSc (Hons) Data Science with Artificial Science and BSc (Hons) Data Science with Business Management. Both courses will teach aspects of artificial intelligence and business management, the difference is the amount these courses will teach.

25% of the teaching on the Data Science with Business Management degree will be taught by our Aberdeen Business School. This will allow students to experience more of the business context in which data science is used. This is ideal for students who would like to go into a business-related role such as Business Intelligence or Data Analyst.

Data Science with Artificial Science is fully taught by the School of Computing. The final year is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and led by the research strengths of the school. This allows students to study AI and Machine Learning topics in greater depth in later years. This is suited to those who would like to work in more technical computer roles such as a Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer.

You can study what you want to study

As well as the choice between the two courses, there is often an elective module each semester which will allow you to tailor your degree around your own areas of interest, preparing you for a rewarding career in your field of interest.

Both courses also offer an optional summer placement or year long placement, as well as providing you with the opportunity to study abroad.

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