Studying MSc Analytical Science at RGU


Master’s student in Analytical Science – Food Analysis, Authenticity and Safety Splendour shares her experience studying at RGU after moving from Nigeria and advice to other students.

A bit about me

My name is Splendour Otamiri and I am from Nigeria. I studied Pure & Applied Chemistry for my undergraduate degree, which led to my interest in Msc Analytical Science. I enjoy traveling, exploring great food, and meeting new people. Did I mention I enjoy great food?

Choosing to study Analytical Science at RGU in Aberdeen

While applying for my master’s degree at various schools in the UK, I was fascinated by MSc Analytical Science because of the practical applications and problem-solving aspects of the course.

Additionally, RGU’s esteemed reputation for having advanced facilities and instruments encouraged my choice.

Lastly, I have a deep passion for food authenticity, sustainability, and safety, and MSc analytical Science offered an elective in this field. With my background in Chemistry and my passion for Food Safety, it was a no-brainer.

Aberdeen was at the top of my list during my research on what cities were best to live and study in. I come from a very busy city in Nigeria, and as an international student, I have not found much difficulty with adapting to the culture here in Aberdeen. The people are extremely friendly, diversity is premium, and during the festive season, I had the best time at the Christmas village.

My experience studying Analytical Science

The highlight of my degree in Analytical Science so far has been the group project work, and my chosen elective in Food Analysis, Authenticity & Safety. I have had the opportunity to learn about different quality assurance standards, food laws, laboratory analysis, and industry standards.

Before embarking on my MSc journey, I had completed several courses in Food Authenticity, Public Health, and Food Safety. I believe these courses were an added advantage to my career path. I worked as a Nutritionist with a wellness company while taking further courses in food and health to develop my skills.

When I applied to this course, I was certain that I was on the right track to becoming a specialist in the food industry. Analytical Science is the right stepping stone for me to achieve my goals and ambitions. I hope to work with regulatory bodies that implement safety protocols, conduct audits, uphold high-quality assurance food standards, and ensure compliance with regulations.

My advice to other Analytical Science students

My first advice would be to stay curious. Extend your learning beyond the classroom. Analytical Science involves solving problems, and cultivating a curious mindset is an imperative part of learning.

Analytical Science is diverse, with various specializations in Drug Analysis, Environmental Analysis, and Food Analysis. Exploring your specializations can help you discover your specific area of interest.

Additionally, take advantage of the resources available. For example, the academic support system and the teaching staff are readily available to assist students in any way possible. Furthermore, staying organized and keeping track will help you efficiently manage your studies, part-time work, and social life.

Lastly, have fun. Aberdeen is a wonderful place to live in. Explore the city and enjoy the vibrant life it brings!

Splendour Otamiri

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