5 things to know about the new MSc Healthcare Leadership


We’re excited to announce the launch of our new MSc Healthcare Leadership degree starting in September 2024.

We caught up with Course Leader Fiona Baguley and here are five things you should know about our exciting new degree.

1. Health and social care leadership is an important issue

Here at RGU we recognise that leadership development is a crucial activity for improving health and social care outcomes, patient safety outcomes and care standards. Leaders are instrumental in determining the culture of an organisation and effective teamworking.

Our new Healthcare Leadership degree will enable you to develop your potential for exceptional leadership and gain the knowledge and skills for leading in health and social care.

2. Your learning will be relevant

It is important to us that the knowledge and skills you gain are relevant and can be applied to your career in health or social care service delivery and design.

We have a number of unique features that include the integration of digital literacy skills and understanding of legislation, as well as the achievement of the RGU Innovation Award. You will also study a broad range of subjects, for example, population health, law, ethics, use of technology, finance, and data analytics. 

The course is designed and informed by both health and social care policy and emerging health trends, nationally and globally. 

3. Your course will be shaped by your needs

The MSc Healthcare Leadership degree is open to a breadth of health and social care professionals, so has a mix of core and elective modules to allow you to tailor your studies to your needs and take advantage of the expertise across the University rather than being limited to expertise from one specific discipline.

In the design of the course, we have worked across the University to pick topics that together are the best fit for our students.

4. We put you at the centre

We are aware of the different needs of students and offer both a full-time, on campus study route and an online, part-time study route. Each route will provide an opportunity for a variety of health and social care professionals to study together, fostering an interdisciplinary collaborative curriculum to enhance the enjoyment of the course, depth of discussion, and exchange of fruitful ideas.

5. You will be equipped for your future role

This course will provide you with a platform to develop as a leader to improve both health and social care quality, capacity, and resilience underpinned by person-centred principles and pursue a wide range of careers upon graduation.

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